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It’s that time of year again! It’s summer and than means more rad 8-bit ZOMBIE stuff! Really happy with how this one came out. Not a huge release but jam-packed with awesomeness none-the-less. As always, your guy’s response has been amazing. SO happy that this line has generated such a great reaction. Really glad that everyone seems to be as stoked on this one as I am. I really do love EVERY item in this release, it all turned out awesome. Can’t thank all of you guys enough for all the orders that came pouring in. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: YOU guys are the reason I am able to keep doing all this crazy stuff. So thanks a ton for the support. Welp, let’s jump right in!


We’ll start with the biggest bombshell and probably the most amazing thing to ever come out of 8BZ – Thrashor 2.0! This figure has been many months in the making (Years, if you consider the Thrashor tee design as the starting point!) It was a long journey with many bumps in the road. But in the end, I think we succeeded in creating pure 80’s magic. If you don’t know the back story, the amazing Matt Skiff and I created Thrashor as a tee design. We joked about it becoming a real toy someday but never could we have imagined that one year later, a resin figure would be made. And one year after that, a fully packaged, fully painted, fully articulated version! 

Scott Wetterschneider of Shinbone Creative once again worked tirelessly behind the scenes to make this figure a reality. He touched up the sculpt from the first Thrashor fig and we set about the task of turning a solid green, solid resin figure into the magical toy that you now see before you. There’s no way I could have done any of this without Scott, so a MASSIVE thank you goes out to him, he is truly a toy master.  After we had the look of the toy the way we wanted it, Matt Skiff and I got back together and worked on the packaging. Due to the Thrashor tee design, the front of the package was pretty much there already. Matt did an amazing illustration for the back of the package as well as some smaller illustrations for the figure features and I did the layout. In the end, the packaging came out AMAZING. It’s a near perfect tribute to those epic MOTU packages of the 80’s. All in all, this toy turned out better than I could have even imagined. I can’t even accurately describe how awesome these are. You HAVE to hold one in your hands to really understand and appreciate it. So very pleased with every facet of this toy. It’s definitely a dream come true for me in a lot of ways.

And this is just the beginning for 8BZ toys. If these sell, it’s onto variations (REALLY awesome ones) and then of course, new toys! But needless to say doing this kind of thing is not cheap, or easy in any stretch of the imagination. In order to move forward, these initial toys have to sell. So if you DO want to see more toys in the future, picking one of these up now would be a great way to help make that happen.  (Thank you!)


New lunchboxes! It’s become an 8BZ summer tradition. These sold out fast again this year! But they were also very limited in number again as well. Definitely one of my fav lunchbox designs yet. SO much radness. Mr. Skiff outdid himself once again. These boxes also came with the next new item on the list:










I could not think of a better way to bring back the 8-bit ZOMBIE Kids Club than to do up an official member pack! This was SO much fun to work on. The ever epic Cryface, (Stephen Bunnell) did some absolutely amazing renditions of the 3 8BZ toy parody characters for this. I cannot get enough of them, SO RAD! The pack includes everything you will need to become an official member, including a plastic membership card, patch and coin, among a whole bunch of other rad stuff. The back of the topper has a fun little surprise too, but I’ll let you future Kids Club members uncover that secret yourself. =)



Last but certainly not least is all the new apparel! I could get in-depth on every single one of these items but I’ll refrain from this becoming a novel, hahah. Needless to say EVERY one of these turned out better than I anticipated. Matt and I once again created a new 80’s toy parody character, ROADKILL! The next logical step after MOTU and G.I. JOE was of course TMNT. IT. IS. AWESOME. And if the tee alone isn’t enough, they also come packaged in custom Ooze Canisters!

Pitchgrim (Cody Melick) and I also continued on with the NES box art parodies that we have doe for a few years now. This time BAD DUDES became RAD DUDES. Parodies within parodies!!! So amazingly good.

Chad Manzo is also back with more rad than you can shake a stick at. We came up with a third installment to our 80’s heroes & villains concept. This time we brought both sides together and made them duke it out in an epic arcade battle.  Chad also created the Horde tee. I’ve wanted to do something with Hordak for such a long time now and I think this idea came out perfectly. Both tees are so awesome.

Finally, Cryface did two new hats this year. The Sight Beyond Sight hat is a concept we came up with last year that never made into production. So I jumped on it this year. I’ve also wanted to do a Mr. T hat…pretty much since I started 8BZ and I decided to stop putting it off and finally do it! Neither hat could have turned out any better. Two of my fav 8BZ ever!










I think that’s everything! Like I said, small release but packed with so much great stuff. In my opinion the best overall 8BZ release to date. So stoked on this one! And there was a bunch more stuff that ended up not making it into the release, which will hopefully be coming out in the near future. So keep your peepers peeled for that. And again, if these new Thrashors sell, you can expect so much more toy awesomeness on the way. I will be ordering variants IMMEDIATELY after I sell enough of them to do so. So if you want more toys, please pick this one up now!

Welp, I better get off the computer and get to packing orders.  Thank you for the support. And an even bigger thank you to all the fans who consistently support the brand. I woudn’t be here witting this without you. <3  Keep those peepers peeled for more fun this Oct! Should be another rad Halloween.

Until then, stay rad!

     -Ross / 8-bit ZOMBIE




  1. MatTHEW Skiff | Illustration | Apparel | Graphic Design says:

    July 28th, 2014 at 3:35 am (#)

    […] The first 100 orders also get a limited edition Thrashor patch, so make sure you get in early to get this. And what would an 8BZ release be without a lunchbox? These things seem to be getting more and more popular, with these ones selling out incredibly fast. We tried to cram in as much nostalgia as we possibly could, and I hope everyone enjoys the characters this time around. This might be the very last one due to limited supply of lunchboxes. Lastly, we have another action figure shirt, this time referencing my favorite toyline, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Roadkill’s backstory is crazy, but you’ll have to grab the shirt to get the full story of who he is. You can read more about the release, and get Ross’s side of things over at the 8BZ blog. […]

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